Klarna – Terms & Conditions


These Pay later terms apply between you and Love Lully where you purchase your goods, when you choose Pay later as your payment method.

When you choose Pay later, Klarna offer you the possibility to pay on a due date 30 days from the shipment of the goods. Klarna assigns their claim for payment due on your purchase to Klarna Bank AB (“Klarna”). Klarna will send you a payment instruction to pay directly to Klarna. For contact details and further information about Klarna, go to: klarna.co.uk.


Klarna offers consumers Buyer Protection which means for example that you as a consumer do not have to pay for the ordered goods until you have received them, and that Klarna will assist you with problems related to your purchase.

For more information and instructions please go to: https://www.klarna.com/uk/buyer-protection-description/.


We charge an invoice fee of 0 (£) per purchase.


If you choose Pay Later, Klarna will assess your creditworthiness. They may carry out a limited credit search on you at a credit reference agency. This search will not affect your credit score or your chances of obtaining a credit in future.Klarna processes your personal data in order to carry out their obligations in this agreement and for the additional purposes set out in our Privacy Notice. The Privacy Notice is available here, and on our website, and by using Klarna’s services you confirm that you have read this notice. Klarna process your personal data for example to identify you and perform customer analysis, credit assessments, marketing, and business development. We may also transfer your data to selected partners (such as credit reference bureaus), which may be established outside of the EU/EEA. In the Privacy Notice there is more information about our data sharing, your rights in regards to your data, how you may contact us with questions, or submit a complaint to an authority.


This is a payment option you can choose to part pay your purchases by dividing the cost into 3 equal payments without any interest, fees or charges using a credit or debit card. However, the issuer of your card may charge interest or other fees under the terms of your card agreement.

Provide your card details in order to complete your purchase. The first payment is taken from your card at the time the merchant confirms your order. The two remaining equal payments will also be taken from your card 30 and 60 days after the first payment is taken. Klarna will tell you the due dates via electronic communication and they are viewable in the Klarna application.

You give Klarna the authority to take the two remaining equal payments from your card on the due dates without any further notice to you. In the event that Love Lully does not charge for your entire order at the same time, we will create a different Pay later in 3 instalments order for each merchant charge. Each of these order parts will have its own due date depending on when Love Lully confirms that part of your order. This situation may be common where a merchant does not ship all the items from your order at the same time.

You will maintain adequate credit balance on your card to allow for payments to be taken on the due dates. It is important you ensure enough funds are available to complete your payment on the due date. If you fail to make a payment you will be in default, and may be unable to use the Klarna service in the future. Klarna may continue to attempt to collect overdue and currently due payments on subsequent due dates, or invoice you separately for the unpaid total.

If you are in default Klarna may also charge the outstanding balance on your Pay later in 3 instalments purchase immediately, using any card we have on file for you.